Welcome to Moxy. Take a seat and enjoy.

Operating from Brussels, Moxy is a postproduction agency that adds an astonishing finishing touch to moving pictures and commercials for the TV and advertising industry.

In the Urban Dictionary “to have moxy ” equals to “have guts” or “to have balls.” And in the world of Hollywood moxy means nothing less than “it”. For us the name sounds catchy and it fits perfectly to the postproduction studio we are. You can call us small, our opportunities are anything but that: offline, online, VFX, color grading, motion graphics, 3D and multimedia, from creative brain twisting to digital medium or D-Mat! From commercial to corporate film or artistic project, Moxy can do it all!

Do you have a Moxy Mind? Present us your plan and let us find a solution together! We are anxious to amaze you.

Latest Work